DJ class for individuals
As described in the introduction; Femme can teach you how to be a DJ!  During the classes you can expect personal guidance and attention, since you are in a private class. Femme will start with an introduction about what it takes to be a DJ. After that the DJ software, used by many, Rekordbox is being explained. You will learn the ins and outs of Rekordbox, which will eventually help you to improve your DJ skills. After that you will get to know the Pioneer CDJ 2000 + DJM 800 DJ set. This is the DJ set used in many nightclubs and festivals, so you will learn to use each button on it.
Throughout the weeks you will try to improve your beatmatching, counting and mixing skills. Depending on the learning abilities of the student we will go into loops, effects and filters too.
There is a program for each type of student. If you are a fast learner, you might need five classes. If you have difficulties with learning there is also a program with 15 of 20 classes. In the first few classes we will establish what your DJ needs are and what package would be your best fit. 
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