FemmeTalk Christmas event 2019
The charity event of 2019 was a huge success, bigger than Femme and her team could even dream of. People donated around €800 and volunteers collected over 50 crates filled with foods in one night. Together with almost twenty volunteers Femme packed two boxes per family and distributed the boxes to 30+ families all over the Netherlands. 
The goal for 2020 is to host the charity event in different cities at the same time. 
FemmeTalk Christmas event 2018
Femme loves giving, if she would have all the money in the world she would share it with everybody without looking at race, religion, sexual orientation or any of those things. Unfortunately, she does not have all the money in the world. But what she does have is her giving spirit, great network, ability to plan and organize, radio platform and her idea’s. With all these aspects she organized her first Christmas Charity event in 2018. Within a few days she came up with a plan. Together with the FemmeTalk crew she started organizing the event and on Wednesday the 18th of December 2018 they collected as much food that they needed four cars to transport it. She asked Yellowbrick (her parttime employer at that time) as a sponsor and made sure that different families throughout the country could enjoy Christmas a little bit more.
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