As an artist Femme got invited to various radio shows at local and national radio stations. Being the artist she is, she is always comfortable and funny, even on air. Also, Femme received a lot of compliments about her voice and her storytelling skills. After a couple of interviews on air Femme found out she likes the radio and started dreaming of her own show.
That is when Femme started her own talkshow called FemmeTalk at the online radio station Hot O Twenty. Femmetalk was a weekly show for and by women. The entire team (except for the studio owner) was female; co-host, designer, secretay and so on. Femme invited all types of women in her show as long as she was an entrepreneur, in the broadest form of the word.
DJ’s, MC’s, Singers, rappers, actresses, athletes, comedy makers, coaches and many more ladies walked in and out of the FemmeTalk Radio show in the three years that she hosted her show.
FemmeTalk Radio took a small break in 2019, but keep an eye on the Social Media channels to find out how FemmeTalk will make her comeback!
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