Femme is not only a performer, but also an entrepreneur. When more and more people started asking her if she also provides DJ Classes she started moving on that idea. She got her own studio space in Almere Poort where people can come to take the DJ Class. She is the first (female) in Almere to start a DJ Class like this.
The most important aspect of the DJ Class by Femme is the personal touch. Each student gets individual guidance and Femme makes sure that the entire class revolves about that one person. This is the best way to learn the art of DJ’ing and also people feel more comfortable to learn through trial and error.
Not only adults can learn the tips and trick of the DJ craft, Femme also hosts kids classes. With fun games and innovative ways of interaction Femme will make sure that the kids get to know the DJ set and the steps of making a clean mix. 
Additionally you can book Femme to host teambuilding DJ workshops at the workplace. 
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